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Valuation of subjects in material form

Subjects of valuation in material form are real estate and movable property.

І. Real estate valuation is one of the most common types of appraisal. Although, most often, the value of the property is obvious to its owners or prospective buyers, however, as a result of professional analysis by the valuer of all factors relating to the subject, its cost can be substantially adjusted relative to the initial understanding.

Real estate valuation involves the objective determination of the value of real property or individual rights in relation to appraised property. Real estate valuation includes the following areas:

a) Appraisal of residential real estate (apartments, rooms, individual houses).

b) Valuation of commercial real estate (retail, office, industrial, warehouse, buildings and structures).

c) Valuation of capital investments in progress.

d) Land valuation.

ІІ. Professional valuation of machinery and equipment is often the only way to obtain the real market value of the active part of the fixed assets that make up the technological basis of any enterprise. The following property may be subject to valuation:

1) technological lines;

2) machinery and equipment, including unique or discontinued production;

3) railway transport;

4) office equipment, including office equipment, furniture;

5) trade equipment;

6) tools, instruments, features.

Equipment valuation differs from other types of valuation by the variety of appraised subjects. When assessing the potential income from the sale or use of valuation subjects, the valuer takes into account its condition and the degree of wear and tear. Value is mainly determined by comparing it to the analogue subjects present on the market. The use of a comprehensive approach in the valuation of machinery and equipment will ensure its objectivity and relevance.

ІІІ. The valuation of motor vehicles includes not only the valuation of cars, but also the determination of the value of trucks, buses, special vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds..

It is often necessary to determine the value of a large number of vehicles, such as a car or bus fleet, which is the property of the enterprise. Transport valuation may be required when identifying production development prospects, establishing the level of technical support, identifying opportunities for recycling or upgrading. Valuation of motor vehicles should also be carried out when liquidation of business (production).

Our specialists have experience in the valuation of special vehicles (construction, agricultural, etc.).

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