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Business valuation and investment planning

Business valuation – the process of forming a conclusion about the value of business, enterprise or stake in them (shares, corporate rights).

Assessment of the business’ market value includes the valuation of all assets: real estate, machinery and equipment, inventories, financial investments, intangible assets. In addition, there are separately valuated the effectiveness of the company, its real and future income, prospects for business development and the competitive environment in the given market, the company being evaluated is compared with analog companies. On the basis of such a comprehensive analysis, there is determined the real value of the business as a property complex capable to making a profit.

Business valuation is one of the most complex areas of valuation that requires high professionalism and practical experience. Our specialists can guarantee the high quality of such works, having in their portfolio the valuations made for the enterprises of such industries as machine-building, transport-logistic, oil and gas, mining, food, agricultural, financial (banks, insurance companies), hotels and others.

Having great experience of making business projections in the field of business valuation, our specialists also develop investment plans and analyze investment projects.

Investment planning is the development of events program or action plan that will allow the investor to invest available funds with maximum efficiency.

Development of investment plan involves the practical solution of the following tasks:

a) to identify the need in involving the additional sources of funding in the project;

b) to define a strategy for interaction with third parties;

c) to evaluate the profitability of the project and the ability to pay the debt capital;

d) to prepare a financial calculation of the effectiveness of the investments, considering loan repayments;

e) to develop a detailed business plan that can be provided to potential investors.

Good planning allows to complete successfully all these tasks, to involve the missing funds in the shortest possible time and to start an investment project.

Every investment project must have its own business plan. It is an analytical document with descriptive and calculation parts.

The description part includes the characteristics of the company, the specifics of the investment project, the current state of the relevant market, the production program, features of the management structure and other parameters.

The calculation part includes the estimated amount of financing for the project, calculations of the main financial indices, indicators of economic feasibility and efficiency.

The business plan concludes with a specific conclusion that shows the profitability and feasibility of implementation of the investment project.

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